Freedom. Flexibility. Control.

Opportunity is knocking. Will you make your dreams of salon ownership a reality?


Be in business for yourself. Not by yourself.

Salons of Greenwood puts the control where it belongs, in our salon owners' hands. We provide a modern, upscale environment with all of the amenities you could dream up and let you do what you do best - make the world more confident and beautiful, one person at a time. You've worked hard to build your business. Don't put money in someone else's pocket. Work when you want and how you want.



What do our salon owners love most about Salons of Greenwood? Maybe it is the intimate setting that gives their clients the ultimate beauty experience. Or, maybe it is the escape from salon politics and drama that allows a retreat into a tranquil community of like-minded beauty professionals. Maybe still it is the ability to set their own prices, products and hours.

That's just the beginning... read more of the reasons our salon owners love Salons of Greenwood.